Saturday, November 19, 2011

creativity was exploding out my head today

We had a great day making Christmas cards and there was a lot of great creative energy that was floating around the room. Jules made some gorgeous cards and Jean completed several pages of her grandson's scrapbook and it's really looking good. I'm sure she will finish it before he graduates college :)
Below are some pics I took of the cards I made today. I'm still not done but at least I got a good start.

I had so much fun creating this card! I used a stamp that I got from the dollar bin at Michael's and then added a cotton ball that I tore apart to create the snow. Yellow marker was the final touch!

What would Christmas be without Sock Monkey!?! This little guy is masquerading as Santa with a fluffy bead (again torn up cotton ball). Inside there is a pocket with a note. The note can be pulled out and in it the lucky recipient of this card will get a wonderful piece of knowledge.

This little ode to my favorite game-Scrabble! It's simple but I like it.

I wanted one that didn't totally look Christmasy. Some of the stars on the front are 3D to add depth and on the inside is a cute little robot stamp peeking out of a star.

This one is a little more classic and reserved looking but I still think it turned out neat.

 So this was an attempt at doing something with pre-cut cards. Inside is a vellum cutout that I decorated with a Christmas light stamp and then colored. Next time, I think I am going to have Miranda try out the new techniques. She is the creative one.

A few of the other cards I made. The only new technique that I tried in these cards was to use markers to color the stamp for "Santa's Workshop".


  1. Very creative! Thanks for letting me use the puppy stamp. I definitely have more cards to do. Maybe we'll have to squeeze in another card day soon.

  2. I agree that we need to have another day. Maybe next weekend we could get together?

  3. By next weekend you mean the one after Thanksgiving weekend? Like December 3rd? That would work for me.

  4. No I meant the weekend that is 2 days after Thanksgiving. The weekend of the 3rd I have plans all weekend.

  5. I'm going to be putting up my xmas decorations this weekend.