Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oh blog how I have neglected you

So I failed with keeping posts up to date. Christmas has passed yet it DID involve lots of my craftiness. This year I made several different items for gifts this holiday season.
I made apple butter with apples that Miranda picked from an orchard and aprons. Miranda made woven potholders for everyone, scrapbooked standing books with pics of Miranda for grandparents, and for my dog lover friends I made collars with metal stamped tags and puppy treats.
One of the coolest things was getting to see Miranda start to really get into the tradition of making gifts for others. She made 13 potholders using her new weaving loom and it was amazing to see how focused she could be while doing such a big girl activity.

I didn't really plan on how I was going to show all of the things that I made so I only have a couple of pictures of gifts I gave to people.

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  1. I love my apron and have it hanging by my kitchen door.