Sunday, April 29, 2012

There definitely was a theme today

Nothing can stop this lady from a day of creativity, even a dog that kept doing drive-by farts that made me want to vomit (Loki- you know I'm talking to you). Today Nicki taught me how to use a serger. It was a very intimidating machine with 4 spools of thread but after Nicki learned how to thread it (I couldn't even begin to understand how to thread it) I was whipping out washcloths and receiving blankets to help prepare for my brother's baby shower that I am helping with planning.
The day didn't only involve sewing. I also put my Cricut to use today and whipped up a bunch of flowers and letters to prepare for an event at work that we are having this week.
Then the grand finale-----Loki inspired me to make some decor for Nicki's house. A bathroom sign using the Campin' Critters cartridge for the Cricut. Now there will be no guessing what kind of room you will be walking into.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gifts for the little one

Today's crafty funness consisted of a couple of cute projects. Remember the painted wood box from the previous post? Well that was transformed into a headband holder! This idea was borrowed from my friend Julie (check out her blog- I Was Dreaming When I Wrote This) who saw it on YouTube. All I did was take quilt backing and wrapped it around the handle. I then covered it with fabric which (don't tell anyone) but I just hot glued. Then I had some colorful buttons that I decided to stick all around it.

Miranda is getting her first loose tooth so we have to prepare for the Tooth Fairy's visit. I created this box for these upcoming visits. The stamps are ones that I received from a Unity Stamp Co. grab bag that I purchased awhile back. I tried my hand at embossing for the first time- I know, how can I be a real scrapbooker yet never embossed but it's true. I found that I LOVE embossing! All of the stamps are embossed with Martha Stewart embossing powder (they were on clearance at Michael's). I then added a few random embellishments that I had and a ribbon to keep the tooth fairy's gift safe. On the inside I made a space for the tooth fairy to write what dates she visits on to keep track of my little girl and how quickly she is growing.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fun for all

Today my daughter and I enjoyed a crafty kind of day. We created Valentine gifts to give to family and friends and Miranda had a great time painting a wooden birdhouse and the beginnings of a future project (that's all the info you're getting on that one at this point. You'll just have to keep checking for future blogs).
Our Valentine gift is an idea "borrowed" directly from a Pinterest post I saw. A 7 inch zipper is used and all you have to do is bend the strips to form the shape of a heart. A little hot glue is what keeps it in position. We decided to add a little bead charm onto the zipper pull and finished it off by gluing  a pin back to it.

Miranda decided to glue her hearts onto paper and add her own drawings. She also wanted to keep the long stems on the light pink heart because she thought it looked like the breast cancer ribbons and that the two represented both me and her. She is so creative and thinks of things that I never would have.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oh blog how I have neglected you

So I failed with keeping posts up to date. Christmas has passed yet it DID involve lots of my craftiness. This year I made several different items for gifts this holiday season.
I made apple butter with apples that Miranda picked from an orchard and aprons. Miranda made woven potholders for everyone, scrapbooked standing books with pics of Miranda for grandparents, and for my dog lover friends I made collars with metal stamped tags and puppy treats.
One of the coolest things was getting to see Miranda start to really get into the tradition of making gifts for others. She made 13 potholders using her new weaving loom and it was amazing to see how focused she could be while doing such a big girl activity.

I didn't really plan on how I was going to show all of the things that I made so I only have a couple of pictures of gifts I gave to people.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

creativity was exploding out my head today

We had a great day making Christmas cards and there was a lot of great creative energy that was floating around the room. Jules made some gorgeous cards and Jean completed several pages of her grandson's scrapbook and it's really looking good. I'm sure she will finish it before he graduates college :)
Below are some pics I took of the cards I made today. I'm still not done but at least I got a good start.

I had so much fun creating this card! I used a stamp that I got from the dollar bin at Michael's and then added a cotton ball that I tore apart to create the snow. Yellow marker was the final touch!

What would Christmas be without Sock Monkey!?! This little guy is masquerading as Santa with a fluffy bead (again torn up cotton ball). Inside there is a pocket with a note. The note can be pulled out and in it the lucky recipient of this card will get a wonderful piece of knowledge.

This little ode to my favorite game-Scrabble! It's simple but I like it.

I wanted one that didn't totally look Christmasy. Some of the stars on the front are 3D to add depth and on the inside is a cute little robot stamp peeking out of a star.

This one is a little more classic and reserved looking but I still think it turned out neat.

 So this was an attempt at doing something with pre-cut cards. Inside is a vellum cutout that I decorated with a Christmas light stamp and then colored. Next time, I think I am going to have Miranda try out the new techniques. She is the creative one.

A few of the other cards I made. The only new technique that I tried in these cards was to use markers to color the stamp for "Santa's Workshop".

Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas is in the air!

Tomorrow is the big day! It's the day when Jean gets her craft room all set up and we haul all our Christmas supplies in and take over the room to make Christmas cards. I'm hoping that I will be able to think creatively and use some new techniques in this year's card making day. Hopefully there will br pictures that I can post tomorrow.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Let's see if I set myself on fire today

I'm heading to my grandparents house today to do some welding. Recently my grandpa and dad have been teaching me welding and I have been making lawn ornaments. Hopefully today will be a success and I will have pictures to post later.